When you're looking for unused space inside your home to store items that you don't commonly use, your attic may be something you consider. This space offers plenty of storage space and, given that you probably don't venture into your attic very often, you can store these items without them being in the way during your daily activities. While there are advantages to attic storage, you might wish to think about leasing space at a nearby self-storage facility instead. Even though you'll need to take a short drive to load and unload items, you may find that you're happier with this method of storage. Here are three reasons that a storage unit is better than your attic.

The Temperature Is Moderate

Depending on where you live, your attic can get extremely hot during the summer months. The insulation in the attic sits along the floor of the attic, which means that it's not keeping hot exterior air from flowing into the attic. The result can be that this space is inhospitable for some temperature-sensitive items that you may wish to store. Conversely, self-storage spaces are climate controlled, which means that the facility's staff will keep the temperature and humidity inside the units to a moderate level throughout the year. This is far better for the longevity of some sensitive items you may be storing.

Access Is Easier

Even though your attic is just steps away, and obviously much closer than the local self-storage center, the former's access can be a challenge. If your attic door doesn't have a built-in ladder, you'll need to retrieve a stepladder from your garage each time you wish to enter the attic. Additionally, because the attic entry is small, it can be difficult to store larger items in this space. Finally, it's precarious to walk around an attic unless it has a finished floor. You'll constantly need to step on the joists, which is awkward. You don't have any such issues when you lease self-storage space.

Less Chance Of Damage

Many attic floors are made up solely of joists, which means that the drywall ceiling of your upper floor is nearby. If you were to stack up heavy items in the attic and one heavy object or box were to tip over, it could easily break a section of the ceiling — not to mention that the item or box would fall to the floor below and could potentially break. You don't want to take such risks with your important possessions. When you store them at a self-storage facility, you won't have this type of worry. For more information, contact a service like All American Mini Storage.