Although Airbnb is a great way to make extra money with unused space in your home, it can be challenging managing the responsibilities associated with developing and maintaining this income stream. One thing that may help make life easier for you is renting a self-storage unit. Here are two ways a unit can be a valuable resource.

Store Excess Furniture and Items

The nice thing about Airbnb is you have complete flexibility when it comes to when and how long you list your property. While this lets you earn money during the times when the extra space in your home will sit empty, it can make things a little inconvenient if you have furniture or other items you only use when you're renting the space (or vice versa). Instead of trying to place the extra or unneeded items in other rooms or take up precious garage space, put those things in a storage unit.

For example, if you only rent the spare bedroom in your home when your kid is away at college, you can store their belongings and furniture in the unit during the school year and then swap it out in the summer when they come home for vacation.

A storage unit is also a great place to store other Airbnb specific items. If you make a gift basket for each guest, you can save money buy purchasing the items in bulk and then store them away in the unit until you need them. You are only limited by your imagination in this area.

Hold Items Left Behind By Guests

Another thing a storage unit can do is provide a place for you to store items guests leave behind. Just like in hotels, it's fairly common for people to forget personal items, such as clothing or electronics, when they stay at an Airbnb rental. Most hosts are able to connect with guests and get the items returned, but sometimes it's not possible.

Although you're not legally obligated to hold onto the items like a regular landlord would be, keeping lost items around for a few weeks to give guests ample opportunity to claim them can result in more satisfied customers and better ratings (and more bookings as a result). Additionally, anything not claimed can be sold at a later date, providing you with another possible source of income.

For more information about self-storage unit or to find out how much it will cost to rent one, contact a local storage facility.